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American Quad Umbrella

Manufacturer: Italian Collection
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Quadruple Offset / Large Cantilever Patio Umbrellas


Our largest and most popular heavy-duty offset umbrella is the American Quad Offset Umbrella. Fully deserving of this title, the American Quad Offset Umbrella is the definitely the most popular and sought-after heavy-duty cantilever umbrella on the market today. (A cantilever is a long projecting girder or beam, fixed at only one end, generally used in bridge construction, but obviously highly successful in the construction of heavy duty umbrellas!).

The American Quad Offset Umbrella is a commercial cantilever umbrella, comprised of four umbrellas with just one central pole: it’s the ideal way of maximizing the available covered shade umbrella area. 

Our Cantilever Patio Umbrellas

are available to purchase in three sizes – 20’ x 20’, 20’ x 26’, and 26’ x 26’ (please speak to us if you require a different size). The sturdy central post is constructed from powder-coated steel while the spokes are heavy-duty aluminum; making this umbrella your only viable choice for the harshest weather conditions. This heavy duty cantilever umbrella offers extreme durability against the elements and has been carefully manufactured with interchangeable parts. Powder-coating options on this product include a choice of Black, Brown, White and Grey; or alternatively, you’re invited to specify your own color to suit your outdoor environment. These super-strong umbrellas are hand-made by artisans in Europe, where every small detail is taken into consideration. These people are absolute masters of their trade!

Other options and finishing touches are available with this umbrella, including high wind stabilizer bars to ensure stability in heavy winds, wind vents to ensure the free flow of fresh air, and stainless steel cables and cranks. The canopy of our heavy-duty offset umbrella is constructed from Sunbrella acrylic fabric, which, due to its unique fiber, has great breathability. In addition, this fiber doesn’t store moisture or mildew and won’t trap the heat; making it the ideal fabric for an outdoor umbrella. Other bonuses of this umbrella include –

  • •The fabric of the canopy is water repellent and water resistant;
  • •The Sunbrella acrylic fabric has the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal and a 95% UV rating; offering amazing protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays;
  • •Every color used on our Sunbrella acrylic fabric is well saturated through the umbrella; both inside and out. In addition, the colors are fade resistant;
  • •A useful accessory to your sturdy outdoor umbrella is Rain Gutters; which are a simple attachment to your umbrella.

>Stainless Steel Is Used for Every Hardware Component of Our Products!

This is a standard feature on all our commercial cantilever umbrellas.

You have the option of selecting a steel frame base or a steel bracket if you intend using your cantilever umbrella with paving stones. These large, heavy-duty cantilever patio umbrellas can be placed either on the ground or anchored to an all-aluminum replaceable rib.

Opening and closing our umbrellas is a breeze with the marine-grade stainless steel cable and crank. And when the canopy’s not needed, the 360° rotating post means the canopy can simply be moved out of the way.

An added bonus of purchasing our heavy duty umbrellas is that you receive a two-year warranty on the structure and a whopping 10-year warranty on the acrylic fabric!

Large Cantilever Commercial Umbrellas include

  • •Stainless steel construction;
  • •Side enclosures;
  • •The specially patented multi-vent canopy;
  • •Lighting and heating; and
  • •Hook for use with our Rain Gutter system.

Important Notice!

Please note that custom shapes and sizes are an optional feature and are available for all our patio umbrella models.