Shipping & Returns

Conditions and Terms

  • Please make sure your color choices, options and product sizes are accurate.
  • All our products are custom made special orders, and Lost Bwana Outfitters will do everything possible to assist our customers in making the correct choice and avoiding mistakes.
  • We recommend to always request a sample for commercial orders for some umbrellas do not have a warranty.
  • Orders for custom furniture are considered final. Each return must be considered on a case-by-case basis, and we will assist in handling a return within these guidelines.
  • Do not return anything to the Lost Bwana Outfitters location! Do not return to any location without prior approval in writing. Not following these instructions may result in additional shipping charges at the customer's expense.
  • The customer must prepay the shipping charges back to the factory warehouse. If the customer would like to take advantage of our volume shipping discounts, we will obtain the volume freight quote from the trucking company, and this amount can be deducted from the refund or credit. The customer must authorize us to do this in writing.
  • Lost Bwana Outfitters appreciates your business, and will do everything reasonable to earn and maintain your trust and respect.
  • Lost Bwana Outfitters with any questions regarding our return policy.
  • If product is not a special order like an umbrella base etc, there will be a 25% restocking fee.
  • Lost Bwana Outfitters is not responsible for to or from shipping.
  • (888) 320 1161

LBO distributes many different umbrella products from manufacturers all over the world.  Please contact us for each manufacturer's specific warranty.

What is not covered: DAMAGE CAUSED FROM WIND CONDITIONS ARE NOT COVERED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Damage indicative of wind include broken ribs and bent aluminum poles. Broken ribs or ben aluminum poles are never covered under any warranty.   A broken rib shows inadequate weighted base was employed. Replacement of warranty items will be determined upon factorys' discretion. Only items designated as “commercial umbrellas” will be warranted in a commercial applications. Items with the “manufacturer's” logo are deemed to be commercial umbrellas. Cantilever and auto tilt/crank umbrellas will not be warranted in a commercial application, no exceptions.  Fiberlite Umbrellas has the only umbrella with a commercial crank umbrella with a one year warranty.