Square Metal Plate (S_PC) with Rollers & Pole Tube (S_PC)

Square Metal Plate (S_PC) with Rollers & Pole Tube (S_PC)
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The Square Metal Plate comes in various sizes for various wind exposures. Selected sizes are available with rollers to aid mobility. The metal plate is powder coated as standard.

Base TypeWeightSizeUse with ParasolParasol ModelCode
SquareMetal25 kg58 cmMistralMI30RASMBWW609/48
SquareMetal25 kg58 cmMistralMI25SASMBWW609/48
SquareMetal25 kg58 cmSafariSA35RESMBWW609/57
SquareMetal41 kg69 cmSafariSA40RESMBWW700/70
SquareMetal25 kg58 cmSafariSA29SESMBWW609/57
SquareMetal41 kg69 cmSafariSA35SESMBWW700/70
SquareMetal25 kg58 cmSafariSA223REESMBWW609/57