Market Umbrellas Buyer Guide

Market Umbrellas

Umbrella Buyer's Guide

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What to Look for When Buying Market Umbrellas

Market umbrellas will add the finishing touch to your exterior design project. It will keep the outdoor furniture in shade and make its usage more comfortable. When choosing patio umbrellas, there are several things to keep in mind.


Size is the first important consideration. Think about the size of the shaded area, rather than about the size of the patio umbrella itself.  Patio umbrellas that are four to six feet big will provide enough shade for a coffee table or a bistro table with the chairs. A general rule of thumb is to pick a patio umbrella that is five feet bigger than the area that you want to have covered.  The 11-foot patio umbrella is one of the largest varieties on the market. It is sufficient for the coverage of dining table with six chairs. If you plan to have meals outdoor, this is the right option for you.

Style Considerations

The appearance of patio umbrellas is very important for the overall visual harmony. Choose colors and patterns that will work well with the rest of the outdoor furniture.  A solid color is usually a good idea. There are patterned fabrics, as well. It really depends on whether you want the patio umbrella to blend in the surroundings or to stand out. The good news is tat the market has numerous options for you to choose among.

Types of Patio Umbrella Fabrics

The quality of the fabric is another very practical and important consideration. It will determine the longevity of the piece and its usability.Make sure that the fabric is waterproof. This way, you will be protected from both the sun and the rain. Breathable fabrics are the best because they are waterproof but allowing vapor to go through. On hot days, this kind of fabric will create a cool and shady space.  Contemporary patio umbrella fabrics are also UV-protected. They keep the harmful ultraviolet rays from passing through. Inquire whether the patio umbrella of preference is UV-resistant.  Finally, there are some practical considerations that are related to maintaining the fabric in good condition. Spot and stain-resistant fabrics do not allow liquids and dirt to go into the threads. Mold and mildew-resistant fabrics are another great pick that will make maintenance and storage much easier.  Inquire whether the patio umbrella comes with a warranty against color fading. This type of warranty will signify that the quality of the fabric is good enough.

Ease of Use
Finally, examine the opening and closing mechanism of different patio umbrellas. The manner in which they are used will determine how popular the pieces are going to be in your home.  Some patio umbrellas open and close with the easy and convenient push of a button. Others have a crank that is used to raise the umbrella. This kind of opening and closing mechanism may be a bit more challenging to use.You should also try to figure out whether you need a tilting umbrella. The pole of these patio umbrellas can be bent at an angle to provide more shade, regardless of the sun’s position. Tilting umbrellas are very practical because there is no need to move the piece around, in order to stay in the shade.  Think about usability and aesthetics when buying your next patio umbrella. Acquaint yourself with new fabrics and features, do your research and make an informed selection on the basis of preferences and exterior design vision.